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ICT in action

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blogs, bears and boards

Today was another exciting chapter in the life of the blog and the boards and the bears. We looked at the blog first thing and the children are thrilled to note that their blog is catching up with mine with regard to how many hits it has had. They were delighted to see that Mr Brown- who has achieved saintly status amongst the children, as the provider of the board had been looking at the blog. That site meter is amazing!
We watched an episode of The Magic Key which ended with Kipper asking for words to describe his Teddy. The opportunity could not be lost and although I had not intended to do so we created a Kidspiration document with adjectives to describe our wonderful Spencer which you can see on the Talking Teddies blog.
I read a criticism of IWB in TES " Are they being used as a tool to force the end of pupil-centred teaching and a return to the whole class teaching of the last century? Most often they seem to be used as nothing more than an expensive projector screen" Brian Kerslake MD of Topologika Software has obviously not been in my classroom!!
I found that today using the board enabled me to really embed Edit-copy /edit- paste facility in Kidspiration to make the repeated stars we needed. Children came out and did it- then those who suggested interesting words typed them onto the stars with spelling suggestions from the audience. Whole class, engaging, differentiated teaching and learning appropriate to P1-3 with every child desperate to contribute.


  • At 3/16/2006 6:56 pm, Blogger ab said…

    If I comment on both blogs, do they cancel each other out in numbers game?
    Seriously Morag, this is fantastic to be able to read about ICT in action - great also to see the NavBar gone. I wonder if Mr Kerslake searches for his name on a regular basis...?

  • At 3/16/2006 10:44 pm, Blogger Morag Macdonald said…

    Well if he does he is welcome to come and see me and bring along some complimentary software while he's at it.

  • At 3/16/2006 11:56 pm, Blogger marlyn moffat said…

    Any tool we get..ICT related or not..is only as good as the person using it. Do you know Mr Kerslake might have a point. I've been in schools and blown the dust off their projectors and boards. There is a problem with differenciation that we might miss in our excitement. Just at this moment all are learning something....but as we go one we need to be aware, and wary too.

  • At 3/17/2006 10:16 pm, Blogger Morag Macdonald said…

    Perhaps the main problem is lack of training for staff in the use of any new resources ICT or not. We are keen to use new technology and would not allow things to gather dust- the whiteboard is another tool for enhancing teaching and learning. If we can use it successfully and help others to do so.....great. Differentiation in a Primary 1/2/3 composite is the norm in but perhaps Mr Kerslake was referring to secondary schools. It does not seem that long since we were being told to do more whole class, interactive, differentiated teaching as well as pupil centred, individualised and group work.

  • At 3/20/2006 12:44 am, Blogger marlyn moffat said…

    I was wondering though, when the said Mr K was last in a classroom that was doing the business..or indeed did it himself. It really upsets me when I know there are teaching resources of any kind being underutilised. and sometimes it's just because they don't know where to plug it in!!! Ask our weans and they'd tell them eh?


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