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ICT in action

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An exciting delivery

The first of my Masterclass goodies arrived today. The secretary brought the box into the classroom to gasps of excitement from the children,"It's the Beebots," they cried. But it wasn't. One of the things I ordered was called 'How to make a Movie- The secret of pirate island'. Inside the box are scripts for the cast, directors instructions and a CD rom of music, sound effects, still pictures and video clips to enhance and customise the movie. There is also a clapperboard which I always have thought was required for any digital video project. Intended for older children than my class I would like to try it with the computer club. A simpler version could be made based on Pirate Adventure from ORT with my class. We listened to and looked at the resources on the CD rom which the children found very exciting. The resource came from Tag Learning and there are another 3 titles to choose from.
I also ordered a web building application called WebBlender from Tech4Learning. I downloaded the 30 day trial for this last week on my home computer. Within a couple of hours I had created a 6 page website with links that worked and photos and text. Having been on a one day Dreamweaver course I know which one I prefer and would be comfortable using with the children. The only problem I had with it was sluggishness- my home machine has only 128MB of memory and the recommended is 256MB. What will arrive next? Can't wait.


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