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ICT in action

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hello world

Now I know the internet is called the World Wide Web and that anyone on the planet with access can read it, but it takes a bit of time to get used to the idea. I now have a site meter and it really is amazing. When I put it in I thought all it would do was tell me that so many people had looked at my blog. I had noticed hit counters on other web sites and imagined a wee click wheel that notched up the numbers each time the page was opened- like the guys on the ferry when they count up the passengers to make sure there are enough life jackets to go round!
Well... how wrong I was. Not only can it tell you how many life jackets you need but what language you speak, where you are from, what sort of computer you are using, how long you are on the blog for and whether you take sugar in your tea and a lot of other stuff. I am pretty gobsmacked by this piece of kit- that innocuous little Rubik's cube at the very bottom of my blog, sitting there and looking all innocent is recording a huge amount of data which I can then access and look at in all sorts of ways.
If you haven't got one yet for your blog I would try it. When no one comments on your blog at least you know people are lurking in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Portugal, USA as well as in the UK- hello Blackpool. Apparently I could sign up for a meter that does more......can't get my head round that.


  • At 3/07/2006 9:36 pm, Blogger Ewan McIntosh said…

    I've just found a thing that locates people on a globe. If you go onto my blog and go to the bottom right (I think) you'll find it. Really cool - and free!

  • At 3/13/2006 5:20 pm, Blogger ab said…

    How much cooler could all this get? My worry is there are loads of people out there who have no idea at all about any of this...


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