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ICT in action

What is happening in a school near you.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Houston...we have a problem

Just when everything was going so well the technology conspires against us! Having installed OSX10.4.3 seemingly without a problem I had spoken to soon. The Promethean software won't work properly with the upgrade, I can't calibrate the board so we have lost the interactivity and the internet settings for school have gone!!! Are we downhearted...well not really..I know it can be sorted but it just means we can't do all the fun things we have been doing so readily.
This week the children are going to write about themselves using Kidspiration. Samuel has posted his first and the others will follow.
Spencer had a lovely buggy made for him today by Nathan and Rory using Big Builder- they photographed him aboard and instructed me to put it on the blog when I get home!


  • At 3/20/2006 11:48 pm, Blogger marlyn moffat said…

    That clock will remind me of how late in the evening I work...you're really getting into this grab the html thing!

  • At 3/21/2006 6:26 pm, Blogger Katy Cowie said…

    I think you need to update your driver for the board there is an updated driver on the promethean site.


  • At 3/21/2006 6:33 pm, Blogger Morag Macdonald said…

    Thanks Katie- I'll take a look

  • At 3/21/2006 10:23 pm, Blogger ab said…

    did it work Morag? I haven't been able to use a Promethean board on my Mac since going to 10.4.5! - even with the 'new' driver?

  • At 3/21/2006 11:34 pm, Blogger Morag Macdonald said…

    I have successfully upgraded -shall test the board in school tomorrow. Apparently 10.4.5 won't work -Maggie has been hounding Promethean apparently!


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