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Thursday, March 16, 2006

OSX 10.4.3

I have just installed this new version of OSX Tiger on my Masterclass laptop. I always find these experiences a bit scary. I have copied all my files onto CD just in case but it all appears fine and I am even still able to get on the internet. I now have to familiarise myself with Widgets and Dashboard. Next step- install my new iWorks and iLife 06.
Had a relatively whiteboard free day today until last thing this afternoon. Whilst checking out blog postings and comments the children were amazed to see Kipper. How did you get him there? they asked. So I showed them.
ORT Clipart is a super CD which I use to create supplementary material for the reading scheme. I have written and delivered an in-service course for our authority on 'Interactive worksheets using ORT clipart.' Now the children can copy and paste onto an Appleworks document to their hearts content- I knew that yesterday's lesson in Kidspiration would come in handy!


  • At 3/17/2006 11:50 am, Anonymous Mrs Robertson said…

    Delighted to see your blog up and running. It looks great. Also delighted to read that your pupils are also reading it. And Kipper! well what can I say!


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