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ICT in action

What is happening in a school near you.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Talking Teds get their own blog

Spencer says hi Campbell

Last year 2 class teddies went on an exchange visit. Campbell went to Tighnabruaich Primary and Spencer went to Castlehill Primary in Campbeltown. The bears are getting ready for another exchange but this time they will get to meet one another first when I spend a day at Castlehill. To facilitate communication between the schools Marlyn and I have set up a blog for TalkingTeds-see the link. The children will help "the boys" keep the blog up to date with the bears' exciting adventures.
The children will also use digital photos and video as well as improve their skills using Kidspiration software.
We have already had great fun with this. As Spencer has been sitting quietly watching us over the Winter months, they realised of course, that he has been hibernating, but as Spring approaches it is time for him to waken up! I am going to take Spencer in my car so I heard one pupil say to make sure he wore a seatbelt. Another said that it was too scary for him to go in a box again- it was awful dark in there.


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