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ICT in action

What is happening in a school near you.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

We're still learning too!

If there is one thing that is coming out of all this blogging it is the fact that as adults, we too are still learning. To set up the Teddy blog has taken many hours of our time. We have talked on Skype and blogged at the same time to ensure that the necessary accounts and admin privileges are set up and working properly. Marlyn has done the bulk of the setting up as she originally applied for the account but we both feel the time (our own) and effort is worthwhile. My mind is now brimming with ideas and possibilities for activities and learning opportunities to come, so keep watching the blogs to see how it unfolds. A friend told me last night that I am just a "Skyping blogger".


  • At 3/13/2006 12:16 am, Blogger marlyn moffat said…

    There are so many things we can do...We might read teddy stories to one another....do a diary...photo...film..sing.... an if you are a skyping blogger....Join the club! It's called communication!


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