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ICT in action

What is happening in a school near you.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to school

The children were desperate to see the blog as only one in my class had been able to look at it during the holidays. They were thrilled to see the postings by the Castlehill pupils and what an incentive to read...what do all those captions say?
The site meter continues to be a huge delight so Marlyn and I have decided to make an accumulator chart in our classrooms to show how the blog visits grow on a weekly basis.
We are turning the house corner into a specialised teddy bear shop where you can buy teddies and things for teddies.
We are also going to have a travel agents where bears can book tickets to go and visit the places shown on our Clustermaps and site meter. A giant world map will mimic the Clustermap with sticky red dots to mark the hits.
I have asked each child to bring in their own teddy to draw, which they will then write a profile for and post on the blog...and that is just for starters. If anyone has any other suggestions for us to consider, please post a comment.


  • At 4/19/2006 7:22 pm, Anonymous Marlyn Moffat said…

    We did a bit of writing in the personna of Campbell or Spencer. I didn't grade it A or B. I used the teddy print. I was okay. 2 was good and 3 pawprints meant excellent. Went down a bomb....Now you and I would know that three pawprints were Level B writing! :-)
    Also each child who took the ted home had to make an entry in his diary, that was a condition, some with varying degrees of help, but it was parental communication eh?


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