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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The best laid plans.......

It was my turn to do the assembly today. I decided on a theme of diaries...we looked first at my planning folder which is "enormous and full of all the stuff you want us to do" explained one of my class. Next I read some extracts from the office diary with many important forthcoming dates for our Primary 7's in their final term...visits to the Grammar...visits from Grammar staff....a weekend at Benmore and so on. Next, Anne Frank's diary and how she recorded her life in wartime and how we can read about it to this day.
In this way I introduced our blog- a web diary to the whole school, with projector- here endeth the lesson.
Despite checking that I could get on line in the classroom and making sure that the blog was up and running, a change of venue proved too much. A message about the computer not having the required privileges...a message I have never seen before appeared and prevented us from going online in the school hall. I have used the internet successfully in the hall before, therefore I do not understand. Back in class, access no problemo. The only saving came when what was stored in the cache came up so at least we were able to view one page, although not with all photos showing. My class enthusiastically oozed knowledge of blogs and slideshows, site meters and places in the world from where people had looked at the blog.
One of my colleagues noticed one pupil in my class who sat mouthing proudly, "our blog, our blog"...while their teacher muttered something alliterative.....


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