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ICT in action

What is happening in a school near you.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

ICT inaction!

Today we were able to get online- hooray!!. We looked at the blog and Mrs Perlich our classroom assistant signed on as a blogger and posted a comment. We read some of the postings and then had a go at uploading the photo of Campbell onto Bubbleshare so that we could sing our song for the blog........there ended our joy... unable to upload..no progress in the upload bar...no apparent blockage from iGear but it just didn't work. Left it for 10 minutes but still no upload....sigh
In pairs the children then looked at the blog, 6 computers..all online and then the restrictions kicked in. Impossible for them all to look at the photos and Bubbleshare slideshows. They read as best they could the posts and comments, scrolled down to the sitemeter and marvelled at the number showing, but of course wanted to look at the slideshows...
If as Andrew suggested in his blog we are going to offer blogging and podcasting as a way forward with a web presence great...but not with these problems. Perhaps Marlyn and I are ploughing the furrow, blazing a trail....and I know that we have chosen to follow this path, excited by the new technologies and the possibilities. We will forge on but it will not be easy if we continue to be thwarted by the infrastructure!
Andrew's vision of a paperless world looks like a distant pipedream.....let's print what we've got so far and display it on the wall..least then the children can see it whenever they want!


  • At 4/23/2006 6:08 pm, Blogger ab said…

    We have asked corporate IT to look into the difficulties that you and Marlyn have been encountering - but I guess that is the unfortunate price to pay being a trailblazer? I still think this is a great introduction to a web presence for class teachers and their pupils concentrating on specific tasks though, so I'm hopeful IT can solve the problems.

    I certainly hope my paperless world is not a pipedream - after all, there are many places in the world that do this already - one of the biggest problems with web 2.0 and globalisation 3.0 is that the world is changing at an alarming rate - if we don't keep up, we are being left far (and I mean far) behind.

  • At 5/02/2006 12:07 am, Anonymous marlynmo said…

    Och weel Andrew, you'll see how far behind we're going to be 'cos you are so far ahead of us duffers, and I don't include you Mo.(in the duffers). I'd be more than happy to join the paper free utopia..got a serious paper paranoia, when there is too much of it about, so you'll understand what that folio did to me!! New stuff takes time for learning and acclimatisation...(some) struggling primary teachers are doing what they can mostly in their own time from their commitment to keeping up.....and lets face it..looking round the room at SETT last year I wondered what the average age of the group was??? Now the good bit. My whiteboard (on loan) tablet....pods (also on loan) have saved me at least three reams of paper/photocopying this term so far, so put that in your ecobin and not have to shred it! :-) Now there's a spinoff that snuck up on me! What can I get my classroom assistant to do now? Well she is spending more time talking to and listening to the children, supporting practical maths. so there's another plus....I want to be the first to subscribe to the dream, pipe or otherwise, but as you rightly say, we have to have reliable systems to make it work! I backup and I backup...till I don't remember which backup I need. Just scared that some system will go phut , like mine did at MiniSett last year and no one could help!


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