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ICT in action

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Doing time

A well worn phrase amongst us teachers with regard to the teaching of time. Contained in the Promethean software is a great interactive clock which enables speedy time changes at the click of a pen. I can change from digital to analogue- whizz round each pupil as I stab away at +hour -hour or 15 mins or half an hour. The main clock shows the actual time, much to the amazement of the children and they cheered when I put the clock on this morning.

We then went to the Enchanted Learning website. Here I explained to the children was where we could find some German vocabulary to learn so that we can impress Flappi the Tobermory crow who apparently speaks German as well as French. Today we practised counting to 5 and using compare bears learned some colours. The children were very keen to know how to say all sorts of things and when my distant memory of Higher German fails me I shall call on Mrs Perlich, our classroom assistant who speaks fluent German.

Ich habe IWB gern!


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