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ICT in action

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

On track with Garageband?

This week we tried again to get sound on the blog. To this end P123 have recorded a track using Garageband and the built in microphone. After a few attempts and critical ears listening to the results, a rendering of 'The bear went into the orchard' has been made. Sounds pretty good. Now I am learning as I go along and the children are coming with me. Marlyn is a couple of steps ahead as she has already managed to get sound on the teddy blog with a bit of help from John at Sandaig Primary.
Next step was to turn the file from AIFF to MP3 so that it can go on the blog. Marlyn has talked me through part of the process for getting sound on and I have downloaded the necessary stuff....maybe later this evening.
I just hate all this technobabble. It gives me the heebiegeebies but I am amazed by what it can do and want to be able to get the kids songs on the blog! I also hate wires and putting software on computers! I still worry that I am doing the wrong thing. I set up our new Promethean whiteboard on Friday using all my McCrone time and then some. The set up instructions were not that clear but I managed to get all the wires in the right places. I did not initially install all the components of the software so it didn't work but later, after school I tried again with success. The board has a nifty, wheelable, very substantial stand and will work with all the eMacs in school. We really need the upgrade to OSX soon though as my classroom will soon have no computer that will work with the software. When I leave for Dunoon- my Masterclass laptop goes with me.
I mentioned that Marlyn and I will be presenting a seminar at SETT-The Scottish Learning Festival at the SECC in September. To find out more check out the LTScotland site.


  • At 5/08/2006 5:33 pm, Blogger ab said…

    I completely agree with you about the technobabble! I suppose the good news is that it is getting easier and easier to do things online - compare all you have acheived recently with what you were able to do even a year ago...

    FAB news about SETT. I've said to Marlyn that if I can help in any way, just let me know.

  • At 5/31/2006 9:56 pm, Blogger Mary Hallan said…

    Just discovered your Bloggs. I am a Masterclasser and SSDN mentor for East Ren. and also serve on the Authority SSDN Steering Group. we seem to be way ahead of Argyll and Bute on SSDN, but miles behind on blogging. It's late, but I'm going to take time to read your bloggs and am keen to develop this in school.
    I intend to come and hear you at SETT- so good luck!


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