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ICT in action

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our blogging display

This is how our display is coming on in the classroom. After checking the sitemeter on the blog and the Clustermap we found more hits from around the world. The children added star labels to our world map. We then used Kidspiration displayed on the interactive whiteboard to bring up the flags we needed. The children then volunteered which flags they would make and in pairs began their tasks. They all did incredibly well- the paint was flowing and with a little artistic licence the flag factory was up and running. They added stars and emblems afterwards using sticky paper cut to shape and are very proud of their display. We have devised a quiz where all the names of the countries are on labels(created in Kidspiration by Owen and Samuel), which have to be matched to the correct flag- then find the country on the globe or world map.
Next week we are going to do a little research on each country and find out some facts-population, language spoken etc. For this we shall of course make use of the internet.

I have also been busy this week writing a case study for Digital Survey on behalf of LTScotland. I have written up my experiences of using Kidspiration which may be published. I shall let you know where and when it will be made available.

Teddy Bear Picnic is on Friday- weather forecast is not great. Today we practised singing the teddy bears picnic song using a midi-file as our accompaniment. What a difficult song to sing but we did our best-especially the speed at which the midi file went-hardly time to draw breath.


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